I can't decide, whether you should live or die.


I like it! Oh hey that’s kinda like the guy in your avatar.

reminds me of time we tape the boy to his chair and he walks this way.

The hair looks very out of place compared with the rest of the image. Those ropes don’t look too hot either imo and what the dick is going on with the right side of his face?

Posing however is fantastic, particularly facial.

I was expecting Two-Face.

I remember at school when 4 guys in my age took duptape around me on a chair and every teacher came and all student just laughed at me

I was thinking more The Master.

I was thinking of my stepfather

The spy’s sitting weirdly, too.

I love these.

If someone was holding a Gun and was deciding to kill Me or not, i would also sit terrified like that

honestly, i think TF2 has gone to hell in terms of all these hats and weapons and other crap, i missed vanilla tf2