I can't die. Bug, or working as intended?

I kited the chopper away from our base naked, bullets hitting but doing no damage as in last build. But then I found that I was unable to commit suicide, drown, be killed by bears, take fall or cold damage, or be killed by my son with a gun or with a hatchet. Blood, but no damage. I put on clothes, and he still couldn’t kill me. Are naked meant to turn into superheroes at some point? It’s a pain, as I wanted to spawn in a sleeping bag in the north.

I don’t see how not being able to die could be a problem for you. I mean, you could litterally chase geared guys with a rock and a torch and obliterate them. Use your powers wisely, for you could destroy us all.

Well, this is a very small server that I administer. We are PvE unless by consent (duel), and the geared guys are my teenage sons and their friends. We want to become competent at survival before venturing out to PvP servers, where we were ganked so much as new nakeds that no one was having fun. Why do I want to die? I might, em, want to go to my base on the other side of the island easily to collect resources. It seems like I might be in god mode, although I never set it that way and I am pretty sure I was killed by a wolf an hour before kiting the chopper away naked.

Have you tried to wait until you die of starvation or dehydration? If not spam drink salt water or just wait.

If you are set as an admin/owner on the server you could always just try to open the console (f1) and write “god false” :stuck_out_tongue: Sounds a lot like what you would expect while being in god mode xD

Somehow I was in god mode, although I am sure I never set it to true. God false in client console set me right.

Adding: A new build often makes one paranoid, seeing bugs everywhere.

There are hotkeys to do it too. You probably hit one by accident.

I discovered that every time I log since the update last Thursday, I am in god mode and need to turn it off. I don’t know if this new behavior was intentional. It didn’t happen in the last build.