I can't do this anymore Garry <3

So, whenever I start up Garrys Mod, maybe a couple of hours later it crashes…
This is what pops up

Then after that it is unplayable. Like you start it back up again and it just crashes 5 minutes later, again, and again.
Garry, you know this is a bad issue with macs, why don’t you fix it?
I have told all my friends that have macs not to buy gmod until this issue is fixed.
After doing some googling I have found out that this issue has been around since about 2011. REALLY GARRY? PLEASE FIX MY GAME.

That issue by no means could’ve existed in 2011 because Awesomium was part of the game.

This crash is caused by Awesomium, not GMod. Garry is no longer working on GMod. Awesomium crashes are not really fixable unless awesomium update fixes it.


He actually does not. It’s only me and Kilburn.

Oh, fair enough then

Ugh, still not fixed. Have used bootcamp to switch to windows for the time being -_-

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Do you know if GMod using the latest version? The bug’s existed for over a year and I would’ve thought it would be fixed by now.

Unless it’s a bug in GMod’s implementation. Though I can’t check.

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According to the user agent, it appears to be pre-1.7 which is not the latest.