I can't download anything from Garry'sMod.org?

For three days now, I have been unable to download anything off of Garry’sMod.org

I have a legal copy on steam
I haven’t uploaded any comments that are hateful
I haven’t uploaded anything against the rules nor have I uploaded at all

I log on before downloading, then I go to click download on something, then it shows nothing…nothing happens at all…

Please help, I do a show on Youtube that reviews new and cool addons, but it isn’t going to happen if this continues!

My Steam/Garry’sMod.org account is Trooper1928

Have you linked your steam account yet? I am assuming you already have so try and clean your cookies from your internet browser.

Hmm does it redirect you to the home page? That sometimes happen to me. You could try deleting your cookies and your history then maybe try again? Or maybe use a different browser like chrome or firefox or something? If none of those work then I’m not sure.

Well, I haven’t tried using Internet Explorer. I will try that.