I cant download from garrysmod.org

oh boy,
srsly, 2 years ago when i already have steam, then dis yr i forget my steam ID and PW. Got Gmod 9 and hl2 epi 1&2, and Portal in it.

but i make .exe program to run gmod9. So i can play gmod with half-life 2 episode 1,2 and hl2dm. Without Steam

But thn i wan to download sum more addons, but dis time
“Log in to Download”
i just got 17 addons in gmod9 and now boring…

i has just used my 50 dollars for this, and not again!
how can i download some more addons?.. i dont want to waste 9.99 dollars for just Reinstall the game…

I can’t really read what your saying.

If you’re trying to get garrysmod.org addons into GMod 9 that isn’t going to work to start off with. You don’t need to waste $10 to reinstall the game; it will do it for free if you’ve previously purchased Garry’s Mod 10 on your account.

English, motherfucker, do you speak it? Anyways, since you forgot your steam password, just have them email it to you. However, from your grammar, and if you are not, in fact, foreign, I think that you are doing the garrysmod community a big favor by not being on garrysmod.

And if you are trying to play garrysmod with any Valve games without steam, you are a PIRATE! and will be banned.

i lost my 1st Account, Username and Password,
My first account got Gmod , HL2- Episode 1&2, Portal. Then i move all game to another directory, 50 bucks for all this shit…
i have 26 Yahoo account,
i lost my 12 account,
Other still in hand.
Especially if you can pay for it, that i would agreed.
Pirate? Seriously, not. i just make .exe program to run on. Manage it like counter strike condition zero…
i hate nerdy type… >:O


last year i uninstall Steam.
this year i install Steam.
i make new account.
then i copied all steam games on C:\Steam\steamapps
when i restart steam, it won’t detect my f*cking game…
this is the problem, i want to download from garrysmod.org.
When i tried to download. it says “Log In to Download”
so i log in, then it says

That account doesn’t seem to own GMod.

If it does - it’s set to private, please make it public for this process and try again.

im stuck on here…>:|

Your steam games are attached to your account. You cannot simply drag them into another folder and they’ll show up.

If you have no longer got access to your old account (it seems you don’t) then yes you have to purchase everything over again and be more careful with your details next time.

You may hate nerdy people that like actually good grammar, but not so much of the “I like to type like dis on teh internetz because I cant type like a norm. person.” people go on here. Also i still can’t figure out on what you’re saying. And you can’t copy games into a new account because then if that happened every one on steam would have every single game on steam.

gotta wait for my salary
i never hate nerdy people, alot of my office friends are nerd, i love to friend with them…

Anyway, any other website that i can download addons?

While I still respect your opinions about “Nerds”, I strongly disagree what you’re saying.
Just because you hate “nerdy talk”, doesn’t mean you need to destroy the English language.

But you just said in your other post you hate nerdy types…

We need people like you off gmod, you’ll prob get pissed and crash a server by spamming a massive barricade. just… don’t buy the game and go rage on css


Buy the game, your account doesn’t own the game so it won’t let you play it, stop bitching and buy the game, its 9.99 I’m sure you can wait till you next paycheck, but to me you sound like a 12 year old and that’s a bit too young for a job.

Are you kidding me?

its not nerdy talk, its called grammar and most people use it.

You dont really talk like that in real life do you?