I can't even walk

Ok so when I load a single player game I can’t even walk and my framerate is terrible. However when I press the noclip button my frame rate recovers and I’m able to fly around any idea on what to do I wanna be able to walk again. this also only seems to happen when i am not connected to the internet

Have you tried verifying the game cache? Maybe something downloaded wrong?

Try Seeing if any addons are interfering with Walking

How would I do that

Check your addons in your gmod and see which one is doing that bug

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Try Disabling all your addons

Do what the guy above me said, then, if it happens to be an addon, remove each addon in chunks until you identify the offending chunk. Once you find aforementioned chunk, remove each addon until the error is no longer occurring.

Yeah Thats what i mean


This also only seems to happen when I am not connected to the internet