I can't figure it out (Using Addoutput like an input for another Addoutput) {Console Commands}

ent_fire the_npc addoutput “OnDamaged the_npc,addoutput,OnDamaged the_npc:sethealth:1:0:-1,0,-1”

Why isn’t that working?
The console isn’t showing me any errors,but I know that the bold text is the broken part.

Bassically I tried to use the console to make an npc create a new (addoutput)input on being damaged.
When triggered, this new (addoutput)input will be used to set the health of the npc to 1.
The npc is supposed to set his health at 1 when he’s shot again.
But the problem is the (Parameter).
OnDamaged the_npc:sethealth:1:0:1
which I suppose,is the broken part.
Qusetion: - Is that right to use colons ?

Format: <output name> <targetname>,<inputname>,<parameter>,<delay>,<max times to fire>
<output name> - OnDamaged
<targetname> - the_npc
<inputname> - sethealth
<parameter> - 1
<delay> - 0
<max times to fire> - 1

So…What should I do to fix it ?