I can't find a gamemode I used to play back in the day

I am looking for a gamemode where you jump on walls and climb hard stuff where it’s not bunny hoppin but it were big maps with lots of jumping on crates and walls . Also if you would fall you could go to your checkpoint where you saved.

I tried to explain as best as i could and I hope that someone understands . Also sorry if it’s the wrong section to be posting about this.

It’s called Kreedz ( jumping/climbing )

It’s not that mate but thanks . You didn’t use weapons to climb, also your best tool was ctrl+space jump.

This is the only climbing mod I know of.

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It started as a CS mod and the rope thingy only exists in that mod for hl2 for some maps.

Ok I gotta admit my negative feelings towards the whole thing of not finding it affected. After I watched the video this is it without doubt but still I can’t find any servers :(. Searched in game and on google. Fuck me this is hard and I feel like an old man , I stopped playing gmod gamemodes like 4-5 years ago and everything is different now. I must catch up and could you help me with the server?