I can't find a skybox that suits my map. Help needed!


I’m wanting to make a really high quality map for a up coming Gmod gamemode called Zambee Wars 2. Though I’m not going to explain much, it’s a zombie like gametype set in the future. The Humans have some high-tech crysis like battler gear with lots of customizable features. While the Zombies have guns and they too can choose perks.

(I hope I’m not waffling on a bit here, but)

I’m wanting to set my map on a futuristic city, the humans will drop down from space from HALO OSDT like drop pods. And land on landing platforms (Or helipads for spaceships) attached to the very tallest building in the city. This building would be the only one above the clouds so it would look fairly nice. (the skybox I’m choosing for that part of the map) They walk inside that building, where a large and very deep gravity lift will slowly drop everyone to around the middle level of the building. (I’ve almost finished the particle effects for the lift) To where the actual map is.

Heres the problem. When the enter this area I’m wanting The skybox will change to a sci-fi cityscape backdrop. And I’m still wanting the players to have the illusion they are still higher than all the other buildings in this city and to “look down” on the other buildings. But I can’t bloody well find one. Trust me, I’ve spent atleast a solid 5 hours of research for one, but I can’t. And I’m not too fussy at all, All I want is a nice high quality backdrop of a futuristic city. They are either shitty quality or the backdrop is set for the players being at ground level.

Be great if somebody could link me to a skybox that looks like what I’m describing. If you do, I will love you forever.


Why don’t you just make one yourself using a 3D skybox? You could model some futuristic buildings at actual size then scale it down as needed.

Try some E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy props and textures for the skybox. They have some wonderful cyberpunk resources.

I feel like that would be alot of work to make it look professional. Considering I’d have to add heaps of custom textures for it to look futuristic, thanks anyway/

I just want to say that I love you very much. Cause I looked up that game, I didn’t find anything I liked that was what I wanted but after clicking a few links from researching that game I somehow came across this.

Its a skybox used from UTC 3 and ermergerd its a perfect for what I want, though they are all 3d models thankfully I can easily access them in a editor then probably transform it to a skybox. <3 <3 <3

If anybody knows any others please feel free to let me know still.

Use Env_skypaint?