I can't find a specific server in official servers

I am trying to play on rustafied with a friend but I cant see the server, I have cleared the search boxes, ticked show full and empty boxes. but no matter what I do I can’t seem to find or even connect to rustafied servers. I have tried to connect using IP but it just keeps bringing up that Im connecting to “amsterdam 2” server and it just says cant connect. Also he shows up on my friends list, but when he joins the server, he is off of my friends list in the rust server browser. Pretty lame, anyone know of a fix or possible solution to this?

When’s the last time you rebooted your router?

Also, wait 5-10 minutes on the server list to make sure it’s finished updating.

rebooted it atleast 5 times to try and solve it and also tried to leave it unplugged for like 10 minutes, still nothing. I waited in the browser list for about 30 minutes because of how frustrating it is

Huh. Does this happen with other servers, or only Rustafied?

And how long has this been happening?

Oh, here’s a question. Can you see ANY official servers?

I’ve only noticed it the other day because I was playing on a modded server and got sick of all the other big groups having full gear 20 minutes after a wipe.

I only see about 84 servers max on official servers, sometimes when I refresh the list, it just drops to as low as 13 servers showing.

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if it means anything, my brother (same house) cannot see or connect to them either

anyone know of someone who had/has this problem and fixed it? still nothing after a week