I’m gonna make this quick and simple, if i put the env_laser entity on my map, then when it comes into my visual, then my game imediately CRASHES.

is it incompatible?
is it my graphics driver?
is there a manual update?

all help will be apreciated

what texture are you using for the beam?

Use env_beam instead.

i cant use env_beam, laser allows you to fire a beam where the laser is pointed, beam allows you to fire a beam between 2 points, also lasers can change where they damage, while beams only create the hurting area at compiling

Pretty sure you can parent the info_target like 2000 units away from the parented env_beam and it would work the same way.

it dosnt, i’ve tried, all it does is draw the effect, but the beam dosnt hurt ppl, only the original placement of the info_target and the env_beam is where the damage is between

You parent a trigger_hurt to it dummy.

i thought about that for a while, do i really want it to be shooting thru walls? and what are people gonna think when the beam randomly dies down?

Here’s a compromise:

Use an env_beam AND an env_laser. The env_beam will make the effects but do no damage, and the env_laser will do the damage but have no texture. It shouldn’t crash the game and it will act how you want it to.

Still won’t work for him though because the env_beam will still go through walls.

Oh, I thought they were occluded by brushes.

no, whered you get that idea? it IS a brush, it would occulud itself LOL

I had this problem numerous times, too. Did you choose a different sprite/texture for the laser?

If so, try putting “.spr” at the end of the sprite’s/texture’s name you chose. That should work.

Make sure the texture is valid.

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Seriously though, what’s your lasers texture.