I Can't Get and AK

The server I play on wipes tomorrow. During the last couple days I got two air drops, built two libraries and fought two guys with AKs and still haven’t gotten one. I mean, I got some stuff, but the only sure bet would be killing a guy with an AK and as a solo player, I just can’t get an angle on them. People with AKs in the wild are in groups I haven’t taken down.

My last option is to grind for C4 tonight and go take the gun from some AFK group.

I really like the fact that this has given me something to do. I hope it stays this way.

Don’t bother, tommorow they’re probably gonna condcut a /BP WIPE/ Beacuse of the new BP system… GL anyways.

And where did you read that?

Not sure why people are still using the AK, it’s bloody inaccurate.

I got most of my guns from hanging out around clan bases with the revolver and pipeshotgun with slugs.Most of the time the pipeshotgun will one shot kill with slugs, the revolver is there as a backup to finish them off.Both are bloody cheap, the semi is a good recon weapon once you get the blueprints and you’re on some high ground with cover.

The AK has very high recoil as well.

However I believe it’s best with a 4x Scope, Silencer and a Laser Sight because then its accuracy is better, its recoil is better and you can see far away.

I found the AK with these attachments the easiest to defend my base with. Because it’s automatic, I could fire small bursts instead and maximise damage. The bolt action is only good for when you’re at close to medium range and your aim is good.

Please tell me your joking when you say that.

fyi - Lazersight reduces recoil by 30%

The bolt action is only good at close to medium range? What have you been smoking mate, your crazy. The bolt action is good across all range, it just takes a bit of skill to be effective with it. The ak on the other hand is only good at fairly close range, and is only good at medium range if you can use it properly, the recoil on the ak is disgusting, I much prefer to just use the bolt action.

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They actually reduced it to 15% man.

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Wot? Tomorrow is not a forced wipe at all, the forced wipe is next week on the 3rd or 4th of March depending on where you live… And at the moment the new bp/xp/levelling system won’t be added until the forced wipe in April which is over a month away. It may make it in to the next forced wipe on the 3rd/4th if it gets added to the dev branch within the next few days, however I doubt that will happen. Please don’t spread false information.

wouldn’t worry about it, the new XP system pretty much going to make a retarded to get one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0jwqi4X6WWw

Hm, I must have worded that wrong.

Should have probably said “easier to use” :v:

Good call, had to research it /grins but I stand corrected. Lasersight is now a 15% recoil when used