I can't get my models to work!

This is my first post! ^^ Anyways I have this problem with my server. Every time I add a custom class it ends up all wrong! D: I am pretty positive that I am adding the class correctly, but what happens is every time I join my server and go to the teams tab in the menu the class I just put in’s icon is an ERROR. So I click it anyways but my model comes out all weird. It isn’t walking normally and it has it’s hands spread out for some reason. It just glides across the floor. O.o

Here is the code for my shared.lua in my Darkrp folder:


TEAM_TGD = AddExtraTeam("Terrorist Gun Dealer", Color(0,0,0,255), "models/player/t_guerilla.mdl", [[You supply guns to the terrorists and ONLY the terrorists. If  you are caught doing otherwise you will be dealt with.]], {"weapon_real_cs_knife"}, "terroristgundealer", 1, 45, 0, 0, true)

Because your model is wrong. Here’s a table of the correct models I compiled a while back:


Thank you, that fixed it. ^^