I can't get rid of my dead npcs :/

YES i have tried keep ragdolls and battle cleanup, neither work.

Please help guys :slight_smile:

I had the same problem before. Just check the tab near the bottom of the menu for npc’s to “Keep corpses” so now you should be able to undo them after killing them or you can now remove them with the removal tool.

Yeah the only way to remove dead NPC’s that arent actual corpses is to rejoin…
Its a pain.

did you bother reading what i said? i have allready tried that :confused:


but for some reason no matter what i do they dont become ragdolls or not allow me to delete them :confused:

No reason to be like that about it Ms Suzumiya, considering he/she came to help. I also didn’t know what you meant in your first post. Only think I can think of is an addon is causing a problem.

Do you happen to be running a listen server?

just use the physgun and throw it out of the map

its a corpse not a ragdoll and im sure that you cants throw shit out of the map :/. Also (assuming you have rcon access) try putting this in console: g_ragdoll_maxcount 0