I cant get the sv_loadingurl screen to work

Basically I made a simple image and uploaded it to my website to act as a host. So I went to the server.cfg file and added this line:

sv_loadingurl "http://www.site.co.cc/image.png"

And restarted the server. And so far, it did not work. People can only see a grey screen when loading and during the sending client info stage, something about server offline error 403 and stuff.

Any help here?

That’s because you set it to the file. Make a webpage that displays the image.

oh…alright then.

Would it be possible for imageshack to host it then?

No. Make a webpage on your website and hotlink the image or whatever.

create a .html file with this in it:

<img src="http://www.site.co.cc/image.png">