I can't get this addon to work for G-Mod!

Well, I can get it to work, but I can’t get the extra boards. I can only get 6 boards, and that’s all. My brother has it, and he can get the other boards like the Hotrod, Skateboard, Aperature Science board, and other ones. This is the link:

Is there something I need to change to get the extra boards instead of 6?


Can anybody help?

Try this http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=45225

Take a look at this too http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?p=9621138#post9621138

Oh and don’t download hoverboard final, download Squint’s Hoverboards

I tried Squint’s. Same thing.


Oh, do you put it in the Addons? Because I think that might be the problem I did with Squint’s.

Hmm, well I ASSUMED it was squint’s. I used to have this hoverboard that was the real working version. Are you talking about the one with the stool. Or the one spawned from the entities tab. 'Cause I’d like the stool version and I can’t find it.

The tool for it.


Ok, so does anyone know a good hoverboard mod that comes with the Hotrod, Aperature Science board, and the other board? :expressionless:


And that’s simple?

can anyone help? i don’t get how to download mods(garrysmod.com).i can’t find the addons folder or any other gm folder.i’m confusued.

Did you pirate it?

no i just can’t find the files(addons,steamapps,gm exetera)

Program Files/Steam/steamapps/(yourusername)/garrysmod/garrysmod/addons

i put all the files in that folder but when i go into gm i can’t find the mods.

Here is something I made a long time ago

Hope that sorta helps

that did help i’m going to try it.


i put it in the gm addons folder but it still doesen’t work.

Why are you telling them to copy and paste it into their main gmod directory? That defeats the purpose of addons.