I can't get to all my weapon slots.


I know about the other version of this bug where you just need to scroll up and get out a different weapon, but my menu is stuck like this.

I reinstalled Garry’s mod and did a fresh install of of the basic addons like wire and PHX.

What’s doing this?

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Try Scrolling Into Those Empty Slots Under 1. If That Doesn’t Work, Your F%^&ED As Far As I Know.

This happened to me, keep scrolling with your mousewheel.

I did. And I’m not “F%^&ED”, I am fucked.

I believe you don’t have any items in those slots. Uninstall what ever addon you just installed that conflicts with it. I think it was one of the space build things I installed, not sure though, but it removed all the basic weapons. You didn’t lose the ability to select them, there aren’t any there.

Also, I’m on a server.

And this has happened on every server I join.

Get rid of your addons.