I can't get zombie sweps to work

I am trying to get the sweps to work but i when i use them i get a error sign i followed the rules how do i do it

What pack did you use, post a link please

yea i have the same problem 2 heres the link http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=15953

Download this one instead:

In case you can’t read, on the bottom of the one you posted, it says:

yea but this pack has only fast zombies and headcrabs (Helo this is my version 1.1 of zombie weapons have now only headcrabs and a fastzombie (fast zombie only works the right boton off the mouse)just extract to lua weapons ok Download now!!
i going fix this credits to me(for lua etc) JetBoom for some models and for Харитонов Евгений
for giveme a help tanks to all:D
Ps:the name off this map is fm_fishtank i didin’t make it! )

I did it for both they didn’t work