I cant give items to players on my server

its probably just me but I own a Rust Server and im trying to figure out how to give items to players and for some odd reason any items with a space between it is not able to be given to anyone

this is what im typing for an example

inv.giveplayer <insert player name here> Explosive Charge 1

That will not work.

What am I doing wrong?

Well you shouldn’t be.
But you use Quotations for things with spaces.
Example: inv.giveplayer “Tek Syndicate” “Explosive Charge” 5

Thanks for the tip, gonna avoid “tyrannic gaming” servers.

also here is a list of the server commands currently on the WIKI

thanks alot man

Wow :open_mouth:
I love how you sell items at your site: http://www.tyrannicgaming.net/page/rust

Never gonna play on that abusive and unfair server.

thats an interesting page.

I wonder how RMT is handled by Gary and the crew of Facepunch.

Holy shit those kits are ridiculous. People buying items in Rust is already unacceptable, but for such a rip-off price?

someone should show this to someone higher up. Kinda an exploit of owning a server.

More like a community server risk. I mean if you buy the server its yours, the only way its wrong to do this is if you advertise its legit… or else they wouldent of gave admins these abilities. Once they add a few more official servers i’ll play on them.

LOL I wanted to talk trash but then I just realized NO ONE is going to play on a server like this so nothing really needs be said.

people should buy the Advance - Explorer’s Kit best thing ever.lol jk

Lol I was only joking when I said I would never visit your servers, now I am definitely sticking far away. Giving out items? Really? That completely defeats the purpose of the game! :v: And pay-to-win bullshit, I wish you guys would get taken down.

You should buy
Heavy PvP Kit comes with a shotgun and two pieces of kevlar.

But I want to craft things for myself, not pay to win, that’s some serious bullshit :v: Like I am seriously laughing

I was only joking but yes i rather craft my own stuff.

I figured so. I’ll go ahead and spread the words to my friends that play rust never to play here and have them tell their friends as well. :dance: