I can't hear mics from other players

ok, so i tried checking my voice, receive mic settings and its ok, i also check my player lists if i muted the players, but i didnt. i tried steam voice chat and it works, only in-game

What sound card do you have, Or are you using the on-board sound?

Realtek High Definition Audio, on-board sound? what did u mean? in some servers i can hear one, but in my other computer i can hear in the servers my other laptop cant hear, and it was working before

Well if you built you computer and you purchased a sound card then its not ON-BOARD because it is not built into the motherboard. If you bought a hp or dell or any other pre built computer you probably have on board audio, I used to use realtek and had many problems with it. You may need to open the realtek software by going to control pannel then to sounds or something similar and make sure that the volume is up for all of the different channels.

my laptop’s the one having the problem, but i’ll check the control panel