I can't hear other player.

I can’t hear the other players… I tried everything but nothing has still worked for me.
I tried of:
Reinstall my game
Remove my addons
" Voice_enable 1 " and “voice_loopback”

I don’t know what to do anymore. An idea to solve my problem?

Here is a video of my problem :

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Have you checked voice_modenable as well? That should be set to 1, too.

Make sure the volume levels in the Options > Voice menu are optimal as well

It does not work … voice_modenable = 1

Is it in your server or someone else?

I have this problem on all servers

I am also having this issue I have tried literally everything, it seems we have to wait for a update :frowning:

EDIT : It seems to be on every server which is weird as I can hear everything else

Brukas try this:

Steam > Options > Voice > Detact audio devices


Steam > Options > Voice > change your microphone to something else > go in game > go back to voice options > change it to your mic

hes having problems hearing others, not that his mic isnt working.

OP, have you tried checking your voice receive volume in your gmod audio settings? receive is the volume of other peoples mics

I made a video a bit higher and we see that “receive volume” is at the maximum.

Here is a message I received from FacePunch support. At the moment I have bugs with all their games, it becomes unbearable …