I can't hear sounds in my map. (soundscapes, ambient_generic, ect..)

Hi !

I have a big problem with my map.

When i spawn, i can’t hear the sounds of the map.

But when i play stopsound i can’t hear the sounds.

So, please help me, it’s very important, thanks !

Can you specify how you did it all? Maybe add a screenshot of the options you put on the sound entities?.. I suggest you hold ALT and then hit Print Screen, then pasting that into Paint and saving in whatever format, then uploading the photo on an easy site like Tinypic (like I do)

The entities are good, but I mean for example if I open a door I would hear no sound, and before that I was not.

Are you specifying an existing sound file to use for opening/closing?.. Or do some of the Game Sounds (not raw) not work?

No sounds of the map is played, it’s like this I disabled the sound of my game, only stopsound corrects it.

Well, then I guess you’d have to look up tutorials for sound stuff like that.

You don’t understand what i mean, i have a bug and this bug makes i can’t hear the sounds of the map.

But when i type stopsound in console it works…

What game are you mapping for?

No offense. But, we’re finding it hard to understand your English. Are you working on a map or do you mean you get no game sounds at all? If you get no game sounds at all, check your settings. You may have pulled the volume all the way down by mistake or muted it.

the “start silent” flag is flagged by default for some reason, this is usually why people don’t hear sounds

I’m sorry for my english but i’m french.

So, i have a map. And in this map i have doors, ambient_generic, models, …

And in this map, when i open a door, play a animation with a model or play an ambient_generic, i don’t hear the sounds, and it’s not my settings. And when i start the map with HL² i have ed_alloc no free edicts but i don’t know if this problem is link with my another problem.

This happens when there’s too many (or short) looping sounds playing on the map in a hearable distance. Try decreasing the amount and distance of them. :stuck_out_tongue:
Especially these extremely short fluorescent lamp humming sounds are something you should avoid.

playing an animation of the model does not make a sound, you always need to add ambient_generic to play a sound when triggered a button.

But a func_door_rotating has a normal (lever) sound when pressed “E” to open the door. I do believe you can change the sound in the properties of func_door_rotating for a different sound though.

And if you don’t hear any sound, what does the console say ingame? Could you perhaps send the code what it says?