I cant join a server i useually play on

i have been playing on this sever for 2 months (New York 1) and suddenly i cant join everytime i load in im stuck on reciecing data, i have been stuck for 2 days now and i cant get any further than recieving data. The one thing i find the most wierd is that i can join every other server in the game, but my main sever is not joinable for me. Please help me out :slight_smile:

i have the same problem for my players on my server if they go to the center of the map.
So the only solution is for your sleeper to die so you spawn somewhere far from the center.
Or a admin teleports you away.
Sadly there is NOTHING you can do as a regular player to fix it :/.

I get this once in awhile… I just restart my server. It will hang up receiving data for a couple mins, but I get right back on the server. I noticed yesterday, it happened when I tried to TP to an admin who was spectating another player (I didn’t know). When I got back onto the server, I was under the map.

I just restarted the server about 10 mins ago for a different player who after several attempts to get on when receiving data, let me know. He got right on. Just for the record, he was in the center of the map too.