I can't Join ANY RP Server without it crashing during "Extracting (filename) via workshop"

I have:

-validated my files
-re-installed THREE TIMES
-Deleted clientregistry.blob
-Did 2 CLEAN UN-INSTALLS (Deleted everything garry’s mod related)

Everytime I try to go to a Dark RP server, It starts to “Download” one SPECIFIC file, and then begins to extract, and then crashes.

For example, if I join a 1942 RP server, it gets stuck on the “WW2 German NPC” files, extracts, and right when it finishes extracting, it crashes.
Same for DarkRP. It starts to download the specific file, “M9K Heavy Weapons”, extracts, and then crashes.

This is spreading to other game modes for me. It has now done the same thing to “Hunger Games” for me, where it crashes (I actually played on this Game Mode yesterday, so it was not a problem anymore!), and I seriously fucking fear that this will reach to about every game mode for me in a couple of days, time.

Not only that, It’s near impossible to find the problem. When I first joined these servers (Fresh install of GMOD since a year or so), about two days ago, they downloaded a bunch of files, and then got stuck on that one specific file, and crashed on Extraction.
Since I deleted all the files, the game is still going straight to that “file” to download and extract, which on my assumptions, the game thinks I already have the other files, or it already downloads from SteamPipe.

What the actual fuck do I even do here

Image of this bullshit:

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I just cleared my Cache folder, the one with workshop items and LUA’s. Still nothing. Goes straight to what the above picture shows.

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Also, there is nothing in my /downloads or /download folder, too. Already cleared both of those out.

Also, if you can figure out the problem, I’ll probably pay 10 or 20 bucks for it. I’ve re-searched this problem several times, and no one seems to care.


Are there any .mdmp files in Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod?

Is your Garry’s Mod folder in (username) or common?


It’s in common.

also, I’m the one who posted this, don’t feel like logging out and logging back in to reply.

try this
first, make sure gmod isn’t running
in the workshop, subscribe to the addons you had problems with
run gmod and wait on the main screen for the things to download
then try to play it
if it screws up again,
unsubscribe from those addons but dont start the game
instead close everything and go offline then go into:
delete any problematic stuff
or all of it if it doesnt matter to you
same goes for the sub folders [lua] and [workshop]

make sure theres no dodgy business going on in here

delete any problematic things here, or all of it if its not important
there will probably be a lot if you go on many servers.

delete the problematic ones…

same as above

same as above

delete the problematic ones from any subfolders

same as above

\Steam\steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\materials emp

open the vdf files in notepad++ and (carefully) delete the problematic stuff
cleanup the subfolders there also

check the vdf file here also just in case

clear everything here, you never know.

\Steam\steamapps emp


when you next run gmod it will probably still try and install it again though, but good luck.

None of this worked. Thanks, though.

Why’d you use an alt account?

I suspect this guy might be a hacker. I heard about a protection plugin that crashes hackers if they try to hack and causes them to crash when joining any server.

Just a thought since this guy might be a potential hacker.

Except this problem has been an actual problem for fucking years now, if you even bother putting my problem into google, you’ll see other members on facepunch with it.

I figured it’s most likely due to me running WindowsXP on 4 gigs of ram. I wouldn’t doubt that my machine can’t handle it, though I have a pretty good GFX card and CPU to run most games on high settings.

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Several reasons, to be honest.

Hey I was just scanning the threads and saw this one. Now I didn’t say you were a hacker. I only assumed since it seemed like it.

Anyway does this only happen on DarkRP or what? I doubt it is a GPU problem since that tends to mean you can’t play GMOD at all.


This issue has been plaguing me for YEARS, the solution is easy

-open gmod

-click options

-open multiplayer tab

-Set the “When a game server tries to download custom content to your computer” to DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY CUSTOM FILES.

This will stop the workshop extract process entirely, and allow you to move through easy,

You’re welcome Garrysmod


But then you can’t download custom content. That ruins the whole purpose.

You can download it via workshop still, so there’s no worries,

Not every server uses FastDL.

What you do is you get the item from workshop get number from addon and also copy addon file look for number on download server and then replace that file with the one u copied and delete the letters and underscores then it will work