I cant join any RP servers!!!!

Ok guys… I’ve been having this issue, and let me tell you… Its been making me hate Gmod. (Probably my computer not gmod…) But basicly what is happening is, i try to join a perp roleplay server and im waiting. and waiting. and waiting. oh wait! Im waiting. and so on. I’ve been stuck on this “Receiving server info” thing for 3 days and the bar still hasnt moved one inch (AKA a pixel for all you haters…:D). And infact im still waiting for the bar to move right now… Any suggestions? i can join other servers fine, except this one, and there is also other people playing on the server itself.

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maybe the server crashed? maybe you should try rejoining it

Didn’t you say you couldn’t join ANY RP servers?
But yeah, this is a problem about something or other on PERP’s end, not yours. It’ll work in a few hours if you’re lucky.

Nope the server never crashed, I’ve tried rejoining almost every day and i just gave up and let it run for a while.

And like i said people are still on the server so it has to be running.

If you really need to play on that specific server, you can rename your garrysmod folder, the next time you start your Garry’s Mod, steam will unpack a new clean version for you, try and test if it works now.

If you don’t want to start all over with Garry’s Mod, and lose all your addons. You can instead try to empty the temporary folders, like the cache and “downloads” folders.

Well i dont think thats really necassary because its ONE SERVER not all the others (dont think im yelling:D)
And im also wondering what it would even do. I mean i dont think it would fix the server because its more like cleaning up the GAME not the servers that run in the game.

Get what im saying?

Well if other players can join the server and play just fine, then it’s not the server that’s the problem, it’s most likely your game.

Garry’s Mod is caching a lot of data for later use, if one of those are corrupted it might fail to connect to the server (although it shouldn’t).

And each server caches its own data on your PC, so if one file is corrupted, you’ll most likely only fail to connect to that server.

Its a server problem, you have to wait for it to re-start or crash or whatever and you will be able to join. Also some guy on youtube suggested you delete your corvette folder in garrysmod/garrysmod/materials but i don’t know if it works so use at your own risk.

But the thing is, i’ve joined before and i think i’ve been on the server about 4 times until this started happening so it cant be a corrupt folder.

** Its a server problem ** You have to wait for server to restart.