I can't join my own srcds server!

Hello, there.
Well, just recently I created a srcds server, and I have set it up correctly. It works and all my friends can join it, but here’s my problem: I can’t join it myself.
I’m using the console version of my dedicated server since that’s obviously the best version to use. I’ve got a pretty good internet and it doesn’t lagg for anyone I know, so please, don’t preach to me about how I shouldn’t host a dedicated server on my computer. It works just fine for me.

Back to the subject: I really need help with this. I see no reason in having this server if I can’t join it myself :S Whenever I try to join it loads for a while and then it says “Invalid SteamuserID ticket”, and this only occurs when I try to join my own server.

EDIT: Nevermind, I found a way. All I had to do was to use my lan ip and port when I was joining, and my friends could still use the other one. An admin can close this thread now.