I cant load any map

When im trying to load any map gmod just crashes. Tried to reinstall, but still same error.Any Help?

Navigate to your steam folder, and find a folder called dumps, upload the latest dump file to http://dumps.garrysmod.com.

When it’s done being evaluated post the link to the dump here.

( Should be something like, C:\Program Files\Steam\Dumps )

I dont know what i should do.

Since your video card driver is up to date, try this. On your steam library, right click Garry’s mod and select properties, in the properties window select “Set Launch Options” under the General tab, in the Launch options, add this somewhere, preferably at the beginning.

-dxlevel 90

( If you have any other parameters in launch options, make sure you put a space after the above. )

If you’re still crashing, change 90 to 81, you will have to restart your game each time you change that variable for it to take effect.

If that doesn’t work, change changing your graphics settings around in game, a lot of people are having issues with the shader value, if it’s on low, set it to high, if it’s on high (usually is), set it to low.

Sorry but i lied. Only tf2 maps dont work for me. I checked garry twitter and maybe the tf2 maps(and addons and content in browse) will be fixed tonight.Thanks anyway