I can't log in anymore...

The last time I played Rust was a couple of months ago, and I just remember logging in with my username and password. Now however, it seems that you can’t log in with just a username; a e-mail address is the only thing you can use. Since I registered when it was an open alpha and no keys were needed, I don’t have an e-mail address linked to my account. I tried every e-mail address I’ve used before in the “forgot password” section, and none are valid apparently. Did my account just get booted from the alpha in the wake of a change, or am I missing something?

A Little Research doesn’t hurt.

Okay, so my account was indeed removed in August… damn. But thanks for referring me to that thread.

If you don’t log-in every other month, your account gets DELETED.

False. Garry got rid of the free accounts that weren’t being used. He won’t delete anymore accounts( Garry even said it himself), even if they aren’t being used. They still paid money for the account.