I can't LUA, could someone else..?

I don’t know LUA coding for crap, so… could someone much more competent than myself please make me a STool? But wait - this is no ordinary STool. This STool should spawn a gun, like the kind mounted on the airboat in Half-Life 2, except one could move it around with the physics gun. Welding it to a vehicle would not only make it mouse aimable, but make it actually move with said vehicle. Also, ammo should be changeable, as in use the actual airboat rounds, to bullets, to flechettes , etc. The really hard part - being able to set what buttons fire, I.E. firing it with left and right clicks while riding the vehicle. Thank you for taking the time to read this, I understand this is a pretty big request.

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There are tutorials over there, if you want to learn it.

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There already is a tool that does this mate, garrysmod.org it, If no finds, Facepunch it, then google

You wouldn’t happen to know the name of said tool, would you?