I cant make a Lua Script??????

So I know quite a bit about coding, I made servers, and some other stuff and know I can’t even make a lua print script like print(“Hello”);

I make the Script and put the file in the
and yea i tried to put it in client, but it did not work.
When I find out that it does not work
i go into Console and type
“lua_openscript example.lua”

I would also do the
Also did not work
Please help!


I did that. It said the File was not found or something like that

Press tab until you find it.

Since the Steampipe update, Garry’s Mod is in steam/steamapps/common/GarrysMod

Here is what it said.

and i could send you the coding i did but its just print(“hello”);

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THANKS SO MUCH I did not know that there was a another gmod folder that explains why i did not get any textures for a Player model i put in a bit ago.