I cant make most of my addons work.....

Well, I can make certain addons, like PHX and stuff, and fists, and lightsabers, and all that basic stuff. But for some reason, half of them dont work, i cant get most playermodels to work, i cant get stargate to work, i just dont know why, they are in the same folder “addons”. THIS IS CONFUSING!!!

Maybe they’re not all addons?

well, i wouldnt know the difference, but they sure seem to be the same type of files… :frowning:


man, i need some help, they all look like addons, not adv dups

Fuckin’ 09ers.
Okay, where did you extract the files to?

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i extracted the files to my addons folder… i was told that they might have just been fail coding though…

… You did extract them, right? Using a program such as Winrar?

ya… how else would I get the files out? i extracted them to addons, then looked at the files to ensure they were addons, not adv dups… is there any chance that they are just failed code?

They have info.txts in all of them?

Yes, it’s likely that the addon is just broken.

Now, to clarify, when you open your garrysmod/garrysmod/addons folder, you see a bunch of folders named after the addons, right?

And in those you have a few folders (LUA, Models, Materials, etc) and a info.txt right?

If not, then it is not a correct addon, and the files should be extracted directly into garrysmod/garrysmod

Is it possible that you extracted the file, in a file?
like maybe (example:)

yes they do, but i dont know how that matters


Yes, i have all of those, but for some reason they do not work… is there a difference between how server addons, and singleplayer addons look???


no, i extract the folder itself into addons, no further.


also, like i had said at the start, might some have fail coding, or some be for servers (not individual players)???