I Can't move

So i created a singleplayer game. But i can’t move, i can’t change weapons, and i can’t spawn anything. What the fuck is that? never happened before.

Open your keyboard settings and restore defaults on controls? Sounds like you unbound all.

BTW, wrong section

Enable Console, and to do that, go to Escape>Options>Advanced>Check both boxes.
Open console [~] and type “unbindall”

That should help ;]

After you do that, go back to Keyboard and all all of your keys should be cleared. If so, click “Restore Defaults”

That should help with your dilema. If that does not work, type “+forward; -forward”

I fixed it, it was the command “myinfo_bytes”

i changed it so i would not get “buffer overflow” when connecting to a server. But it prevented me from playing single player…