i cant open steam let alone any game

i get the error: Steam.exe(main exception): CMultiFieldBlob(pSerialized): Bad field - extends past end of blob

any help ?!?!?!?!!?!

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note i restarted my computer


But, here you go! I found it for you… (Post back with success/failure)

ummm when u posted this i was uninstalling steam ummmm and everything in steam folder except my steam apps and user data is gone i clicked cancel put it took out everything except those files

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and so i have a problem i have so many games that this might take a few days :frowning: cause i now i have to reinstall steam

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Noooooo i cant download steam

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This is shit man big ass shit d:

you cant download steam?

i can now but all games must be reuploaded and my addons must once again be found and re download wire and phx and a whole bunch of maps

Why would you download PHX, you do know it ship’s with GMod now?

You do know right?