I can't play at all!

Recently I’ve been unable to play the game. When I start it, the first loading screen locks up the game for a bit and goes to the title screen but that’s normal. Then when I try to load a map, it doesn’t even load and it crashes. And last night I could play fine and I had a few add-ons installed.

I’ve removed all of my add-ons but the only thing that does is make it take a little longer before it crashes.

What about mountable games?

You should also clean out your downloads folder. I am not talking about addons I am talking about the folder in your gmod that is labeled downloads. There will be two folders named that but it should be the biggest one. Also it will help you load your game faster.

More then likely you join a server that fed up your gmod.

I’d also try removing hl2.exe and doing a verify of your game cache after.

I hadn’t played any servers last night or today. I just installed one add-on.

What add-on was it? Also like robotboy said it could be a mounted game.

You should list all of the games you have mounted as well as the new add-on you installed when it started happening.

What’s your computer specs? Same thing happens to me because my computer isn’t powerful.