I cant play garrysmod

I cant play garrysmod.I start the game and then it stays : NO STEAM APP!.
Please can someone help me?

By verifying the game cache, might work

Give us a working link to your steam page, and where did you got Garry’s Mod?

It happens sometimes, just restart steam.

I cant play Garry’s mod again… now it says : Unable to load c:\program files (x86)\steamapps\badvenux67\bin\filesystem_steam.dll can someone plzz help me ?

yeah same thing… It might be because a steam update, not sure

Yup, getting the exact same error, tried verifying the integrity of local game files to no avail. Also tried renaming the game folder, still didn’t work. Even deleting the game folder doesn’t work, i’ve hit a wall =\

I’m having the same promblem with Unable to load c:\program files (x86)\steamapps\badvenux67\bin\filesystem_steam.dll i hope it gets fixed i just got team fortress 2


garry sent the patch to Valve