I can't play in any server

Hi! I have been playing since the Alpha but since the last update all time after 2 or 4 minutes the server kick me off.

This is the error that shows me:

Please anyone help me I can’t play the game that I love. :confused:

It looks like your game cannot check if you have any VAC bans on steam. Is your steam running while you try to join?

Somehow my game updated during my play, and then crashed. Here is the result of my case (similar)

You can see more information about the case on steam forums:

I’ve already sent tickets to steam support but I’m very, very pessimist about it since I’ve seen the VAC Ban on my account.

Here I am, contacting the official game support.

I hope we can fix this.


you already have a seperate thread for this, and it’s a different issue to above. you are VAC banned, his problem is that the server is unable to check his VAC status.

Ah okay. Let’s continue on my thread.

How about that, I have the same problem now. I was playing for 20 minutes and got disconected with this message.

I have the same exact issue. Hopefully a fix will come out

Well fellas, i’m here supporting you, i have a thread too, here, see if what i tried could help you. (It didn’t to me, but to someone, yes.)

it tends to be related to the VAC servers, not rust. not much can be done, but for the sake of the argument i would try restarting steam, restarting router, restarting computer just to rule out anything on my side.

It seems that I solved the problem (All thanks to MrAmos123 on GitHub)
As that guy said, there was a program that interfered with VAC system.
A lot of processes could do this, and you should watch for yours! As he said: “The program that I removed that fixed it, was ‘IOBit Start for Windows 8’, if you have that, remove it.
Restart your PC, and try again. Make sure your DEP is enabled.” (If you don’t know what DEP is, watch my first thread up here, where i linked the Steam Troubleshooting solutions)

[Copy-pasted from my thread]