I can't play in the same server with 2 computers (in the same house)

I can’t play in the same server with 2 computers (in the same house). Me and my brother purchased Gmod a few days ago, but we weren’t able to play in the same server. One pc is able to connect whereas the second one can’t.
If we create a server there is no problem, but when we tried to connect to “internet servers” it seems that there is an ip problem and one of us can’t connect.

I dont know if its possible, but that server might of restricted the amount of players per household. If you could both connect to a different server without a problem then try using a VPN on the server that you both can’t play on. If you guys are using shared steam account then that might be a another reason why.

Use Family Sharing and two separate accounts.

I have 2 differents accounts in 2 differents pcs

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I won’t be banned if I use a VPN on steam, right ?

Yes, you won’t get banned for using VPN on steam

Wait, you mean you own the game on both accs and still can’t join the same server?

I’m not sure but maybe you can’t have two computers connect on the same IP?

Yes you can. I did it before with no problem.


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If I create a server, my brother can join it with no problem, but when I connect to X online server, mi brother can’t

What happens when he tries?

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“Connecting to server…” and then “connection failed after 4 retries”

Try waiting for like 10-15 minutes before the second player joins.

Enable sv_lan 1 on the server.

Add: -multirun -steam to client launch options ( or in bat file ) then you will be able to open more than 1 client on the same PC while being able to connect both to the server. You may need to add -insecure too…

You should be able to join the server on lan if the other player knows your local ip and port. You may need to open the ports in your firewall on your PC; you shouldn’t need to touch router settings because it’s in the local network.

Worst case you could use Himanchi or so to create a “virtual” lan…

Also, make sure your server is set up correctly: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/26074909/tutoring/server_srcds_steamcmd/setting_up_a_server_with_steamcmd.lua.html

Don’t use “localhost” as the “ip”, if anything use your local address such as: 10.0.0.x or 192.168.1.x or 192.168.2.x or whatever.

I don’t have problems if I create a server, the problem is when both of us wants to play in the same ONLINE server at the same time. I have 2 pcs with 2 different accounts with 2 differents garrys mod

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I will try it

Have you tried using a VPN yet?

try reading the thread next time

I don’t know how to use them nor which should I download. Could you recommend me any?

I’v used both of these before and had no issues with it.



Try reading the reply next time.

Yeah, he’s having issues with LAN connections ie other computers connecting. sv_lan 1 on the server may help fix it, also using -ip localhost has caused issues for me where-as using the local ip or no ip setting has resolved other issues for me for LAN problems; using localhost has caused issues of being unable to connect… Using -multirun -steam on 2 gmod clients on his local pc may also help debug the issue. I also recommended Hamachi which is commonly used in the GMod community to create virtual LANs which would be another solution. That’s how many potential solutions to your useless post, why reply?

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A lot of people use Hamachi: https://secure.logmein.com/products/hamachi/download.aspx