I started playing Rust with medium-high graphics and the game worked perfectly, playing 700 hours of happiness!, but after recent updates, with graphics full- minimum, I can’t play…,

I can connect to a server but when i walk 2 or 3 steps my screen freezes and after a few seconds shuts itself off with Steam too.

Any suggestions? :s:

PD: Reinstall and verify the integrity of the game cache is done and still not working

U arent alone mate, we all got 50-10fps. just played on uk server, all of the players cant play there, a lot of ppl running and freezing. this update isnt optimized yet, be patient. itsnt about your computer. got 35-50 fps with gtx 970 g1 overclocked. kinda low preformance. will wait for updates soon.

game freezes very often, it’s broken update.

Yep, performance is worse. Poor garry

this was a optimize patch no? silly thing is they new it wasn’t rdy and that the patch had all the bugs why release it

In an attempt to defend the dev’s, there would be a shit storm from most (not all) players of no update this week or past weeks under the pretext that there are many bugs still present and more optimizing to be done. I can feel the pressure we leave them can be quite frustrating at times. However, yes, the past several updates have been less-than-optimal for most, if not all of us. And again, yes, it is quite interesting to note that over the past ~6 months or so, “optimization” has grown less and less optimal. I.e. running from 45 FPS in March, to an abysmal 15-20 FPS if you are lucky. I’m not a game dev or anywhere near there, but I have noticed a slight downward trend in performance over the past several months (at least for myself and my brother).