I can't play rust!

Sooo , after the new patch I couldn’t play anymore , i start my game and everything goes fine , but in the loading screen when it gets to “ASSET WARMUP 0/1523” My game crashes when i load that… please help me


admin on the server you are playing on need to remove -shaderwarmup 0 -assetwarmup 0 and you have to go to steam and in your left side you see your games and right clik on rust and say properties and enter start options and type in -shaderwarmup 0 -assetwarmup 0 and your game will work.

It still doesn’t work , i tryed that but nope , it still crashes ):

did the admin also remove asset and shade in his option?

I’m not sure , but how do i check if he removed it?

you will have to know him and speek to him…

or you can try join this server it dosent have asset and shader warmup

EU/DK !Vanilia!

i can play on that one

The only thing that i don’t understand is , that I cannot play but my friends can… i have a pvp server and they can join … but i can’t… :confused:

Try starting it with a different resolution, higher or lower. I know someone that had this issue and changing his display settings is what fixed it. If it doesn’t work for you that sux but it is probably worth trying.

I tryed it… and did not work ): , hopefully its a problem from the new patch… because i played for 200 hours fine. but now it just doesn’t work … Hopefully they will fix this maybe :confused: , but thanks for your help.