I can't play Rust : (

I can load Rust up but around 10-15 mins later my game crashes. Anyone know how to fix this??

What are your system specs? CPU, RAM, video card, please.

My specs
Nividia gtx960 4gb
8gb ddr3 ram
Cpu is amd A6 7400k

What’s your Nvidia driver version (xxx.xx)? And have you done your Windows Updates?

My driver is 361.91 I’m updating rn

If your opening chat when you crash it is a known unity bug. I had the same problem this is from the developers: It seems you are having a known Unity Engine bug, which causes this exact crash when trying to open the chat. There is unfortunately no fix for it yet - we have to wait for the Unity Engine developers to fix it. The Rust devs can’t touch Unity bugs, so we are all waiting for them. They have been waiting a month for unity to fix this. Be patient and use this in your launch options: -high -force-feature-level-9-3 -popupwindow -nolog -force-opengl -winxp

Thanks century speed it works