I can't play the game, keep getting the same error PLEASE HELP

So hey, recently I reinstalled Gmod (I havent played the game for a few months) and Ive never had this error before even when I had 84 pages of subscribed addons.
The error is “Lue panic! Something went horribly wrong! “Not enough memory””
Ive tried restarting my computer first, then I tried to reinstall the game, then I tried to unsbscribe from all the addons, delete all of the game files manually and reinstall the game and it still didnt work.
Last time I tried it I have noticed something strange I could play on the server and I thought that the problem was solved. but 15 seconds later the game crashed again with the same error. I had my Task Manager open, and I saw that the ram that the game was using was going up and it stopped at 2.7GB for a few seconds and it crashed. I think that the problem might be that the game isnt using all of my ram (I have 8GB Ram). please help me