i cant play the game

well every tiem when im in the loading screen and waiting to go to my map the game just crushing every time and when it crush it showing me to send the report folder to the game developers so this is what i think you need to chcek https://mega.nz/#F!Z912xa7C!Keuyq9dctfss_0hzC6Fp3w

How about some specs? Maybe you could get give some info?

Maybe related, I am getting a crash after rejoining a game or trying to join a different game. Will load until Large Monuments then freeze with a crash notice in another window.

next time just post the error log in a


Yep since the last (two? or three?) updates game crashes at the point where loading height map is shown.

No missing of broken files according to steam. Came with an update.

im sorry my english is not veary well can you explaing what its specs?
i gaved you a download link te see the error

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that what acactley happaning to me every time!!! and in related do you mean like redownload?

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well to conclude what shoukld i do? i mean my computer is good i just got a new one with i5 proccecor 16gb ram and 500gb disk space also a AMD 5700 redaon hd edition screen card

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how do i do that?

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also one more thing sometimes thr games dosnt crash its just losing connection and the reson is “out of memory” i dont understand what memory it mean cuase i have alot of memoery GB and ram

reply to my message to see how i do it, but like this