I can't play.

Hello everyone, I’m Italian so sry for bad English.
I have a very nice gaming PC and a connection DSL 7M, my ping on servers is 45 for better 150 max.
When I join some server i can see mobs or player walk lagging, can’t see the steps, and after 4-5 mins gathering and Hit stop work. Like a desynchronization.
Any info for fix on google, pls help me.
Thank you.

Hi, Did you try to enable DMZ mode on your router?

I can create a Virtual server, but i need to know the port number. My modem don’t have a DMZ mode.

Cant help srry :confused:

I think that DMZ is the solution, but i have a Alice modem and don’t use a DMZ mode, Helk pls help me.

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Yes my DMZ is enabled. No change.