I cant play

hello, so far was usually playing my rust, got disconnected for expired ticket, and when I try to enter any server gives an error: Facepunch_connector_missingfeatureimplementation

can someone help me?

I’m having the same issues. Then after 15 minutes I can get into a server and within the next 25 minutes I get DC’d and see this error again. Started about an hour ago and has been consistent ever since. Please help!

Edit: Once disconnected it says “Disconnected (Ticket Expired)”.

I’m having this issue as well. Would like a fix ASAP

Im also having this issue. Please help us!

Have tried:

Restarting game
Restarting steam
Restarting PC
Changing IP
Checked for CheatPunch ban
Re-installing the game

None of the above make a difference while you are in the “cool down” period…
What could this be? O_o CheatPunch malfunction? It seems to only be for a few people and they seemed to get it starting around the same time.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

None of this works. It sounds like it is a Valve/CheatPunch issue relating to steam authentication from what I read in another thread from Dec 2013.

Same for me, just re installed and still no luck ):

Yeah having the same issue as well, I really hope this is on their radar, it’s sort of game breaking.

Just got back after 5 hours and the issue is still happening… Help please?

I’ve seen this before from the console of my server - people always end up just re-joining. Probably either Steam logout or idling too long.

This issue sucks big time. Wish they would resolve already.

This is still happening… WTF.

Massive Server Lags on all Rust Server pls Fix this… .