I Can't Remember.

BEFORE YOU CONTINE: The original idea is from Vasili’s ‘Virus’ comic, which you can find here. I’d highly recommend reading it before you continue, or this will not make sense.


To be continued.

This is really good,I think that the writing kinda distracting but overall very good.

Yeah, RyanH is right. Make the writing less in the way and it would be even better. I really like it though.

Maybe write the text in quote lines like Vasili and a lot others does? :v:
But except for that, this is great and I will be looking around for that next part.

Is zoe verreh excitin’, yeeeees c:

I think you should make the plain text into shorter text with more images to keep momentum as a comic

One of the best things I can suggest to you, especially for dramatic comics: Show, don’t tell. It’s OK to have a narrator–it actually can help accentuate the mood if it comes across less as telling the READER the story, and more like talking to himself. This gives the main character more life.

Your story is more likely to evoke a reaction from the reader if the drama is shown. Each of your frames could easily have been turned into 3-8 panels. For example, frame 1 could be:

1.) Waking up on the dock, camera close-up. “It’s an interesting thing to find yourself with no memory.”
2.) Getting up, brushing self off, camera long shot. “Okay, let’s go through the facts here. I’m standing on a dock, with no memory. I have clothes. What are these on my head…goggles?”
3.) Surveying the area. “Let’s see…Busted dock, some trees. A shack.”
4.) Close up of a lock on the shack. “Locked. Not worth my time. Got to keep moving.”
5.) Surveying the trees. “Which way…I’ll need to pick a direction. East. So I need to figure out where north is…”
6.) Looks around fruitlessly for a landmark. “Oh…right. Well, I suppose this way is as good as any. Into the trees it is.”

Not enough text…

But seriously, PHDrillSarge has a very good point. I would take his advice.