I can't render text on this 3D2D screen...

I’m trying to have a cooldown in seconds 2d3d text thing on top of a flag entity, but doing this in draw for client

function ENT:Draw()
    --if self:GetNetworkedEntity("Carrier")==LocalPlayer() && !LocalPlayer():ShouldDrawLocalPlayer() then return false end
		if LocalPlayer():GetNWEntity("carrying",Entity(0)) == self then return false end -- if player is holding flag, dont draw
		self:DrawModel() -- Draws Model Client Side

		// timer 2d3d
		local ang = (self:GetPos()-LocalPlayer():GetShootPos()):Angle()
		cam.Start3D2D( self:LocalToWorld(Vector(-5,0,70)),ang, 1 )
			surface.SetDrawColor( self:GetColor() )
			surface.DrawRect( -15, -15, 30, 30 )

			surface.SetDrawColor( Color(255,255,255) )
			surface.DrawRect( -10, -10, 20, 20 )

			draw.DrawText("000s","DermaDefault",5,5,Color( 0, 0, 0, 255 ),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)
			//draw.SimpleText("Helllo","DermaDefault",0,0,Color( 255, 255, 255, 255 ),TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER,TEXT_ALIGN_CENTER)

draws the two boxes above it but the text cant be seen
also somehow i did a thing before so fuck up that my client had to be restarted to fix rendering :stuck_out_tongue:

but like seriously i dont see any reason why the text isnt drawing, is it because the screen isnt behind the entity?

Make sure you are looking at it from the front side, not the back side.

You can see DrawRects from behind the screen, but you can’t see text from behind the screen.

thanks mate, that was the issue