I cant run gmod for some reason please help

alright any admin or mod can contact me on this error please help first off
when i go play on gmod on a map the thing crashes and says
CMDL engine error
out of memory
please help me i really wanna play gmod again
please =,( is it because i downloaded to much things?
i even deleted the files i didnt need and it still happened
i really need someones help can you respond to me

What’s the last thing you remember doing before you got the error?

well i was just playing with half life npcs and suddenly it just crashed and had a error and couldnt work anymore

huge urge to lol @ u.

have you tried re-installing gmod?
most things can be fixed this way but not always. save your data and things u want to keep by moving them onto the desktop. this will save u time downloading and u can keep you adv dups if u have any. i would suggest keeping :

Addons( any that are useful an you want)

well first off i did re-install gmod and didnt work i dont really get what your saying about moving files but ill give it a try


can ya give me a vid to show me what to do plz?

reinstalling won’t do jack shit cause of the steam cloud. what you need to do is delete the garrysmod folder (steamapps/“user”/garrysmod/garrysmod) and then on steam go to garrysmod and click play

are you sure this will work?


holy fucking shit i fucking thank you man i really really do thank you =d

I’m always glad to help now if you don’t mind I need to get to bed. I have a modeling competition in the morning