I can't run Gmod, help please!

When i open stean and press launch an then it opens then goes to running screan then it says loading ten right after that it said hl2.exe is not responding. What do i do to make it work??
Windows Vista (laptop)
i dont know what the vedio card is but this is a year old and when i bought it, it had a up-to-date card
anything else i need to up in?
Ok this is what i know right now… im looking for the rest becuase i have to go
What you need to know to help me!-
Running system-Windows Vista
Kind of labtop-Dell Laptop(also i have not changed anything. When i bought this laptop i have not changed anything!)
RAM-3 gigibyte
processor- Intel Core tm 2 DUO
video card-unknown

also please read this!
Also if i can play CS:S (counter strike sourse) can’t i play gmod?
I also found this info-
Problem Event Name: APPCRASH
Application Name: hl2.exe
Application Version:

Uh no.
Why would this happen?
Why did you make poll?
how does… never mind.
What are your specs?

Post your specs.

You don’t need a poll

ANYONE help m … the game looks cool but i watsed $10 i could of used on another game but now this does not work!

You need to post your specs.

sorry i don’t knoaw what you mean by specs (i mean post everything i would need for u to help me … i realy wish i knew what was wrong)

What is in your Laptop?

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People here aren’t going to respect you if you can’t spell properly. So I’d work on that.

what else to i need… I realy don’t know that much about computer other then how to porgram in HTML,XHTML,CSC and someother stuff. But, what else do you need to know and how can i find it?

Wait - how can you learn html, xhtm…oh nvmd.

Well,you can go to www.htmlhelp.com or youtube.com . im not going off topic so no more stuff like this … this is the only off topic thing we can talk about that!

What is your video card? If you can’t figure out how to find out, Try running System requirements lab, select “Half-Life 2: Orange Box” and tell us what IT SAIDS.

THANKS FOR THE VIDEO CARD HELP!!! it said, Your computer can run this product because your system meets the Minimum requirements. But it says it does not meet this thing:Video Card
Recommended: DirectX 9 compatible video card (NVIDIA GeForce 7900+ / ATI Radeon X1900+) You Have: Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family
Other then that it says i can run everything else


so Would that mean my video card is a Mobile Intel® 965 Express Chipset Family?

Also if i can play CS:S (counter strike sourse) can’t i play gmod?

Well, CS:S is Source engine 7, and Garry’s Mod is source engine 30 something.

Start -> Run -> dxdiag. Hit save information or what ever it is, and post everything until you go past the graphics card name here.

Edit: You have integrated graphics. I can’t recommend any as I’m looking to buy myself, but look for any really, because your running shit.

Anyone else help me please?

Your video card does not meet the system requirements to play gmod. It’s as simple as that. Nobody can help you with the fact that your hardware is insufficient.

Those requirements posted on Steam are the absolute bare minimum. You don’t even meet those, I’m afraid. Just because you meet all the other requirements does not mean your lack of a halfway-decent video card is irrelevant.

In short: Get a new video card.

OMG wow this is great … i have to wait like 1 year just to get a desktop and im not going out to buy a new video card! lol this realy sucks for me … ill have to spend like $500 on a new card when what system i want is only $350 becuase its a 32" HD computer screan with a realy nice tower!


Thanks everyone for taking time to help me bet though this and Hakita thanks big time & abaster too!