I can't run gmod/HL2?

Here’s my problem: I can’t run Gmod on my Desktop, which is acceptable because of how old it is. But I would think to run it on my laptop, but it doesn’t. I start the game fine, it goes to the main menu picture of the ‘Gmod guy’ and says loading. Okay, it’s going fine. However, about 10 seconds later, the game crashes and brings me back to the desktop.
Same thing happens with my HL2, but that’s another thing to be discussed.

My laptop:
HP Pavilion Notebook Laptop
Windows Vista
Version 2007
Intel® Core 2 Duo CPU
T6500 2.10GHz
4.00 GB of RAM

What’s the problem?

What’s your Graphics card?

You didn’t tell us the most important thing, your video card? If it’s some cheap 128mb, then most likely it won’t run GMOD. Half-Life 2 and GMOD is the same game, while GMOD is a Modification. If you can’t make HL2 to start working, then you won’t be able to force start working GMOD.

You can check info about your graphics card by pressing “Windows Key(Start) + R” and type “dxdiag”. Graphics card information under the “Display” category.

Video Card:
Driver: Mobile Intel® 4 Series Express Chipset Family

Yeah, we see why you can’t run GMod or HL2.

Right… Well piece of advice for future note, if your graphics card name doesn’t start with Nvidia(GeForce) or ATI(Radeon) then it’s pretty much safe to assume you have a bit crappy graphics card.

Intel integrated and expansion graphics cards.,… burn them, burn them with fire.