I can't see fire.. >.>

I can’t see fire, but on this same computer, I used to be able to see fire, is this a problem with my Drivers, or just my graphics card?

Do you have updated drivers?

Also :v: at username.

I’m not sure. Do you know anyway I could check?

:v: Good or bad?

Same problem and same story I think it may be the drivers, I actually got a picture of what happens right here, is it the same as your problem?:



I can see this fire…

but not Teta Bonita’s Flamethrower type fire:

Wait so how can I go back to the other fire? I’ll stick with that.

You can’t.

soo… How do I update drivers?

google “graphics card name and number drivers”


btw you’re lucky cause fire lags my fps’ balls.

Doesn’t for me… But I can’t see it. So that’s probably why :v: